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About LK Copywriting

Why is LK Copywriting the best choice for you?

Great copy for small businesses, creatives and entrepreneurs. I specialise in writing the compelling website copy, blog posts and email marketing that speaks to your target audience, draws them in and gets them excited about saying yes.

More about LK Copywriting:

My words are crafted in the East Midlands (but thanks to the wonders of Zoom, we can work together wherever you are) I love working with small businesses, creatives, artists and entrepreneurs – your passion for what you do fires me up and gets me inspired I know that as a business owner you have a lot on your plate. That’s why I love being able to take over the copy – so you’re free to get on with what you’re really passionate about I’m also happy working with big brands, or industries I’m not so experienced in. My briefs are so good that when we’re done I’ll understand your business like it’s my own

What can LK Copywriting offer you?

I specialise in: -Website copy. This is your "shop window", the salesperson in the room when you can't be. So it needs to be great. I'll write your customer focused copy that makes your USP crystal clear and engages your ideal client -Blog posts. Content is still king, ad consistency is queen. Blogging can be a huge drain on your time and energy (if you're going to write the well researched, value adding blogs that really matter). Let me take this task off your hands -Email marketing. Direct mail is the perfect way to connect with your ideal client. Let me help you beat the unsubcribers and build a loyal client base who love what you do And love writing: -Social media. Start a conversation and stay top of mind for your clients -Sales copy and landing pages. Compelling sales copy and a strong call to action without the cheese factor -Print media. Brochures, posters, flyers and billboards. -Case studies. Provide social proof with an expertly written case study -Ebooks and white papers. Add value to your offering and provide passive income with ebooks and white papers

Who preceded you?

I work with small businesses, creative, artists and entrepreneurs (mainly because I AM one...) My clients know the value a professional can bring. They're serious about leveling up their marketing. And they're passionate about what they do.

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LK Copywriting

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