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About Lexical Llama

Why is Lexical Llama the best choice for you?

At Lexical Llama, we help turn great ideas into great content. We can help you compile a wide range of copy for PR and marketing purposes, inlcuding technical articles and opinion pieces, consumer articles, reports, case studies, press releases, blog and social media posts, mail-outs and newsletters, website content, or sales brochures.

More about Lexical Llama:

Stuck for ideas? Don't know where to start? Your website, social media pages or other marketing channels are often the first place a potential client will come across your business, so it's important you stand out from the crowd before you engage in conversation with a customer. Alternatively, you may be looking to maintain your blog pages, or perhaps you've been asked to contribute an article to a publication as a guest author.

What can Lexical Llama offer you?

"I didn't have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead", explained Mark Twain in a letter to a friend. ?So you've written your copy, but it's just too long. Or too short. Or just doesn't quite come across how you want it to.

At Lexical Llama we offer a fresh pair of eyes and suggest edits to make your copy flow more smoothly, without compromising on message. And it doesn't have to break the bank. If you feel your work simply needs a sprinkle of magic (i.e. a quick proof or light edits), we can let you know how long we will need to spend on it in advance.

We also offer a repurposing service, where we take an existing idea, or perhaps an outdated piece of copy, and rewrite it afresh so that you can use it for a new audience or publication. This saves you having to prepare a copywriting brief from scratch.

We also help proof more extensive copy, such as books, PHD theses and essays. If you've become too 'close' to your copy, a fresh pair of eyes can help eradicate any typographical, grammatical or semantic errors which you may not have noticed and will help to ensure continuity and flow throughout.

Translations from German into English available upon request.


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